SincereFirst CMOS GC2145 Imaging Sensor 2MP Camera Module

SincereFirst CMOS GC2145 Imaging Sensor 2MP Camera Module is a high quality 2Mega CMOS image sensor suitable for mobile phone camera applications and digital camera products. The module is based on the GC2415 color rolling shutter image sensor with an effective pixel array of 1616V x 1232H and has a 10-bit ADC and image signal processor built into the chip. Supports RGB output format. Its standard operating temperature range is -20~70℃, and the stable image temperature range is 0~50℃. The module is compatible with the Arduino GIGA R1 development board and Arduino® GIGA display, unlocking a variety of image capture and processing capabilities.
Advantages of this module include:
Broad Compatibility: Pairs with a GIGA monitor (not included) to provide an intuitive interface that simplifies camera setup and real-time monitoring.
Easily Embedded Vision: Easy to set up and operate, allowing you to easily add machine vision to your GIGA R1 development board.
Higher Resolution: Capture high-resolution and detailed images for precise visual analysis.
Low power consumption: Efficient power usage makes it suitable for battery-powered and energy-saving applications.

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