SincereFirst CMOS IMX586 Imaging Sensor 48MP High Pixel MIPI Camera Module

SincereFirst’s Sony IMX586 camera module is an excellent high pixel camera module with an impressive 48 megapixels. Here are some of its advantages:
Sensor size: The IMX586 uses a 1/2-type (8.0 mm diagonal) unit, which is relatively compact. Despite the high pixel count, each pixel is very small, measuring only 0.8 µm12.
Quad Bayer Array: The sensor uses a quad Bayer color filter array. In low-light conditions, it merges four adjacent pixels into one, resulting in a 12-megapixel image with a larger pixel size (approximately 1.6 µm). This technology enhances low-light performance and overall image quality.
Dynamic range: The dynamic range of IMX586 is more than four times that of traditional products. This means it can effectively handle a variety of lighting conditions and the sensor acts like an artist’s brush, capturing moments with incredible detail and clarity.

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